Acrivet, Inc.
Diagnostic Test Strips

Test strip

  Schrimer Tear Test Fluorescein Sodium Lissamine Green  Rose Bengal

Schirmer Tear Test  
Indication:Measurement of tear production
 Each strip is marked with a measuring scale and
impregnated with a blue or white indicator
Fluorescein Sodium 
Indication:To detect corneal and conjunctival defects and to assess nasolacrimal patency 
 Each strip is impregnated with Fluorescein Socium
Lissamine Green 
Indication:Staining degenerated cells
 Each strip es impregnated with 1.5 mg Lissamine Green
Rose Bengal  
Indication:Staining dead and degenerated cells and mucus. Diagnose of KSC and superficial corneal ephithelial abnormalities.
 Each strip is impregnated with 1.5 mg Rose Bengal

 Package Size: Boxes containing 100 sterile strips  Strips individually packaged